Recognize A Hazardous Tree!

What is a hazardous tree?

It’s a tree that shows a potential risk of failure, a tree or part of a tree has a defect that makes it predisposed to failure. And/or the tree has a potential for damage,  such as it’s located so that failure presents a threat to people or property.


To help you spot a hazardous tree we have complied a short list of 7 things to be aware of:

  1. Dead trees (including those killed by insects and disease) are very dangerous. Don’t wait to have these trees removed. You’ll be able to tell if a tree is dead by the fact that there are little to no leaves on the tree, the tree and it’s branches are brittle, and when you scratch at or remove some bark you do not see any green.
  2. Broken hanging branches may fall unexpectedly. Again, a warning sign of a dead or declining tree.
  3. Material may fall from a tree (including nests) without warning. This is due to the branches not being able to support even subtle changes in weight.
  4. Signs of disease, especially mushrooms or conks (perennial fruiting bodies), are evidence of weakened tree structure.
  5. Leaning trees at greater than 10 degrees from vertical pose high potential for failure.
  6. Cracks in trunks and branches also indicate weakened tree structure.
  7. Soil heaving or uplift around roots indicates the tree may be ready to fall at any moment.


What can you do? BE OBSERVANT. If you suspect a tree may be a risk, have a tree expert come out to assess the tree and give recommendations. DO NOT under estimate the dangers of a declining tree. Even trees as small as 6″ in diameter have fallen and killed unsuspecting bystanders.

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