Seasonal Tree Tips for Havana, FL

Did you know there are nearly 5,000 plant species native to the Sunstate State alone? Trees take several years to gain their massive sizes and require the most maintenance when they do.

If your home has trees, ensuring those trees remain healthy by instilling a little tree health is important. Not sure how to handle your tree during the seasons? Keep reading to learn tips that will ensure your trees continue to thrive. 

Tree Health Care Tips

Florida is an attractive state for bugs to thrive, and it’s almost to a fault for homeowners who have lakes and trees. Trees can easily become an easy home for pests without the right care. Rats, ants, and termites are just a few pests who find shelter in trees.

Regular tree cutting and tree pruning can help reduce this issue. The pair will also ensure the overall look and esthetic if your tree remains attractive throughout each season. You should clip trees once the bloom fades. 

During Spring, it’s best to prune off any bad limbs and spread mulch across planting areas. Soil should also be moist, and not soaked.

For those who do not know, muscle is a great way of maintaining tree moisture during hot months. Mulch also helps prevent tree roots from frosting over during colder months. 

The same goes for the summer season. Removing dead limbs will help prevent a lack of foliage in future seasons. 

In Fall, it’s best to prune your trees and upkeep mulch around roots in the winter. This will ensure water and temperature regulation. 

Consulting With a Tree Health Expert

Watering your trees and removing clutter is not always enough. In many instances, it may be a good idea to get the opinion of a certified arborist.

For example, you can get a better understanding of what a soil test is and how to utilize it. Soil testing is a must for any tree and will make a difference for homeowners who want to upkeep their Christmas trees

Using the right soil is important in maximizing tree health as it delivers the necessary nutrients. In other cases, your tree may become a hazard. For example, you may want to get a tree expert if you are dealing with storm damage, a dead or diseased tree, or wish to extract trees in the home. 

Hiring a professional will prevent injury risks, safety, and health. You will also avoid the chances of paying more out of repairs.

Stump grinding is also something best left in the hands of professionals. Removing stumps will ensure your property remains pest and hazard-free.  

Professional Tree Care in Havana, FL

Florida is home to lush, warm climates throughout the year, which makes it a perfect home for many trees. When you live in an area, like Havana, your property may be home to trees.

Whether you decide to remove trees, maintain tree health through basic care, or get emergency assistance, contacting a professional tree service is the best way to go. Pro Tree Services offers free estimates with every visit and amazing deals for every service. 

Pro Tree Service prides itself on providing Tallahassee and its surrounding areas with the highest quality tree care. Continuing to educate ourselves in all areas of Arboriculture & safety practices sets us apart. We strive to set the standard in Tallahassee for reliable, and professional tree services.

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