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Professional Stump Grinding in Tallahassee, FL

Pro Tree Service is here to help you get rid of those pesky tree stumps in your Tallahassee, FL home or business. We offer quality and affordable tree stump grinding and root removal services that will leave your property looking great again. Give us a call today at 850-815-0637 for a free initial consultation and estimate.  Stump grinding and root removal are essential in creating a safe and pest-free yard. When left unattended, stumps and other tree remains may pose health and safety risks to your family and guests. In addition to being a trip hazard, they are also a perfect breeding ground for pests like ants, termites, and rats. However, stumps are very tricky to deal with. In fact, they don’t always die even when you think that they would. They may look dead on the surface but their roots may keep thriving, pulling in water and absorbing nutrients from the ground. Over time, these seemingly harmless stumps can cause extensive damage to your driveways and underground utility lines. They may also become a hotbed for pesky creatures that feed on decomposing organic materials. 

Professional Stump Grinding and Root Removal Services

Tree stumps are difficult to grind and can take hours or days to remove. There are dangers associated with grinding tree roots as well, including the chance of fire and damaging underground utility lines. In order to save time and protect your property from potential damages, it is wise to hire a professional tree service company like Pro Tree Service when it comes to stump grinding and root removal.  At Pro Tree Service, we have a team of certified tree experts with more than two decades of experience in the field. With the help of our tree professionals, you can expect fast and safe removal of all unwanted tree stumps and old root systems from your Tallahassee, FL property. Furthermore, we are fully committed to providing you with environmentally friendly services that leave little to no impact on your landscape. 

Reasons for Tree Stump Grinding and Root Removal in Tallahassee, FL

Old tree stumps may seem totally harmless but believe us when we tell you how detrimental they can be. Here are some reasons why you should consider removing tree stumps from your property: Trip Hazard – An old tree stump sticking out in the middle of your yard is just an accident waiting to happen. Remove it as soon as possible to prevent any trip and fall accidents that can seriously hurt your family and guests.  Root Growth – You cannot see the roots of a stump, but they are still there — quietly digging away at your driveway and underground utility pipes. Grind that old tree stump and its roots before they can cause any further damage to your property.  Pest Infestation – An old tree stump attracts pesky pests like ants, termites, and rodents. Tree stump grinding and root removal are essential in preventing these pests from spreading into your yard and eventually invading your home.

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Pro Tree Service is your one-stop shop for all stump grinding and root removal needs. Our experienced team has the equipment necessary to get the job done quickly, safely, and efficiently. We’re also fully licensed, bonded, and insured so you can rest easy knowing we’ve got you covered in case anything goes wrong while we are working on your property. As a locally operated business, we are committed to building long-lasting relationships with our clients by providing them with quality workmanship and superior customer service. We also pride ourselves on being transparent and honest with our rates. We don’t do bait-and-switch pricing tactics so you will never have to pay for something that you did not ask for.  Whether you simply need to grind a tree stump or remove a complex underground root system from your property, Pro Tree Expert is the company to call. Contact us now at 850-815-0637 to learn more about our wide range of tree care services.

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Pro Tree Service prides itself on providing Tallahassee and its surrounding areas with the highest quality tree care. Continuing to educate ourselves in all areas of Arboriculture & safety practices sets us apart. We strive to set the standard in Tallahassee for reliable, and professional tree services.

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