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At Pro Tree Service, we are dedicated to making sure that your trees are not only lush and beautiful but also structurally safe and sound. Our tree health care programs are specially designed to ensure that your trees will remain healthy in the long run. Contact us today at 850-815-0637 for a free initial consultation and no-obligation estimate. Trees play a vital role in our lives because they provide us with oxygen, wood, food, and shade. Unfortunately, trees that grow in urban settings don’t last as long because of the harsh environment we’ve put them through by planting them under power lines or too close to roads.  Fortunately, Pro Tree Service is here to save and preserve your trees. We have a team of certified tree experts with more than 20 years of experience in handling residential and commercial tree care projects in Tallahassee, FL and the surrounding areas. Contact us at 850-815-0637 today for more information.

Professional Tree Health Care Service From Certified Tree Experts 

Your tree care needs are important to us. You can count on our certified tree experts who have the experience and know-how to provide you with long-term solutions tailored for your specific situation. We also keep ourselves updated with the latest tree care techniques and solutions in the industry to provide you with only the best tree health care services in the greater Florida area. 

Tips for Keeping Strong and Healthy Trees

Here are some tips on how you can help save and protect trees.  Protect the Trunk – be mindful not to damage the bark and the trunk of a tree when using power tools such as lawnmowers and string hammers.  Use Mulch – mulching is an excellent way to improve soil quality and establish a natural barrier to protect trees’ roots. Mulching around trees helps keep power tools away, discourage foot traffic, and retain heat in colder months of the year. Water When Needed – mature trees should be watered at least once a week during dry seasons. This is especially important for large and old trees, as they have more complex root systems that need moisture to avoid stress. Most importantly, water slowly so it can properly soak in before running off of the surface or evaporating too quickly. Trim and Prune Regularly – the secret to keeping a strong and healthy tree is proper tree care and maintenance. Hire a professional trimming and pruning company like Pro Tree Service to make sure that your trees are not only lush and beautiful but also structurally safe and sound.  Fertilize – trees that are planted in urban areas need a more direct method of fertilization to remain healthy and survive the harsh environment. After all, fertilized trees have a much higher chance of survival than weaker and less healthy ones.

The Best Tree Health Care Provider in Tallahassee, FL

Pro Tree Service is your one-stop-shop for all your tree health care needs in Tallahassee, FL and the surrounding areas. At Pro Tree Service, we are dedicated to providing you with the best tree care solutions at affordable rates. In addition to having a team of certified tree experts with more than 20 years of field experience, we only use environmentally friendly products that leave little to no impact to your trees and yard. We also have a fleet of state-of-the-art equipment to ensure quality workmanship and superior customer service.  Contact us today at 850-815-0637 and discover why Pro Tree Service is the most preferred tree care service provider in the greater Florida area. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Pro Tree Service prides itself on providing Tallahassee and its surrounding areas with the highest quality tree care. Continuing to educate ourselves in all areas of Arboriculture & safety practices sets us apart. We strive to set the standard in Tallahassee for reliable, and professional tree services.

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