Emergency Tree Service in Crawfordville FL

Lightning strikes, a storm blows through, or disease occurs. There are many reasons why a damaged tree may need to be removed.

Even if you take precautions, you might find yourself in a situation where emergency tree services are needed. 

When is emergency tree removal warranted? What can a professional arborist do to help? Keep reading for an overview of when to call an emergency tree service in Crawfordville, FL.

A Storm Caused Tree Damage

This is one of the main causes requiring a professional tree service in Florida.

Due to rain loosening the soil and high winds shifting trees, it’s common for storms to cause tree damage. Perhaps trees have completely fallen over, they have damaged branches, or there’s excess debris on your property.

If a tree has fallen over and caused damage to a house, car, or other property, don’t try to move it yourself! This can be dangerous. Call an emergency tree service and they’ll come to assist you.

Trees Are Sick or Weak

Maybe you’ve noticed that trees on your property have damaged limbs, rotting roots, a hollow trunk, or any other sort of abnormal weakness.

These are signs that your trees should be checked by a professional as soon as possible. A weak tree can fall over at any moment, causing damage to anything in its path. Plus, if the tree has a fungus, that fungus can spread to other trees too.

If you think your tree might be sick but you’re not sure, call a certified arborist. They’ll be able to tell you.

A Tree Is Leaning

A leaning tree is a sign that it might not be stable.

If you’ve noticed your tree is leaning more than it used to, it’s time to call an emergency tree service.

Take note of which way your tree is leaning and if it’s likely to cause destruction if it were to fall in that direction. This will also help you decide how urgent it is.

You’re Moving and Need Trees Removed Quickly

When you’re moving and need to make your house and property look as great as possible, sometimes tree removal is necessary.

If you need an unattractive tree removed quickly, a certified arborist will be able to help. Let them know what your timeline looks like, and they’ll remove the tree and any debris as soon as possible.

A Tree Is Too Close to Power Lines

Not only can trees that are too close to power lines be an issue if a storm knocks the tree over, but power lines near trees can also be a huge fire hazard.

If you notice a tree is dangerously close to a power line, and definitely if it’s touching the power line, call an emergency tree service immediately. They’ll safely remove the tree to ensure it doesn’t cause damage.

Use the Best Emergency Tree Service in Crawfordville, FL

When choosing an emergency tree service, you want someone experienced and professional, as well as someone who can get to you quickly.

Pro Tree Service is your answer. If you find yourself facing a tree disaster in the greater Florida area, their emergency response team will be there for you in no time to solve all of your tree problems.

Need emergency tree service in Crawfordville, FL now? Contact Pro Tree Service today. 

Pro Tree Service prides itself on providing Tallahassee and its surrounding areas with the highest quality tree care. Continuing to educate ourselves in all areas of Arboriculture & safety practices sets us apart. We strive to set the standard in Tallahassee for reliable, and professional tree services.

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