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Have you ever thought that a tree on your property was becoming a big inconvenience? Or have you ever thought the health of your tree was on the decline? Well, there is a tree removal service for these situations. In fact, the US removes 36 million trees per year in urban areas. You may be wondering if you are even allowed to remove trees in your area, regardless of tree health. If so, what does it take for a tree to be permitted to be removed? Well, with the help of a certified arborist, the process is easier than you think. 

Do You Need a Tree Removal Permit in Tallahassee? 

The short answer is no if it is deemed a safety hazard. Back in July of 2019, Florida passed HB 1159. It prevents governments from requiring permits, notice, or approval to remove trees on their property that are considered dangerous or a threat. 

But this does not mean that you can just grab your chainsaw and tear the tree down entirely on your own. There is a catch. 

The catch is that you need a certified report from a certified arborist confirming that the tree poses a threat. Once the arborist states it in their report, only then can you proceed to tree removal. 

What Makes a Tree a Safety Hazard? 

By the letter of the law, there are exemptions for tree removals. Most of these revolve around the tree being a safety hazard. These include the following:

  • A tree becomes dangerous
  • There’s an emergency situation after a natural disaster
  • Noxious invasive trees
  • Diseased or pest-infested trees
  • Necessary construction improvements

Sometimes, you may have to settle for more subtle tree services like tree pruning, tree trimming, or tree cutting. But let’s say you get through a hurricane with a tree that develops loose roots. That can make it a risk to fall during the next big storm, so you could get it removed. 

Signs a Tree Is a Risk

A professional tree service usually provides signs to look for when determining if a tree is a risk on your property. These include but are not limited to the following: 

  • Infested with pests and fungi
  • Diseased
  • Hollow trunk
  • Storm damage 
  • Unstable
  • Near power lines and other structures 

Some of these can mean a tree service can become an emergency tree service really quick. Especially in Florida with constant storms and hurricanes, you do not want to take any chances. 

When an Arborist Needs a Permit 

Despite the updated safety laws, there are still times when an arborist would need a permit to remove trees around Tallahassee that are more protected. These include but are not limited to the following: 

  • Trees in wetland
  • Patriarch trees
  • Trees planted for reforestation requirements
  • Exceptional trees 

Trees that do not pose an immediate risk, or are even an exceptional case, will need a lot more paperwork to even attempt removal. Sometimes, these cases just may not be doable at all. 

Find a Certified Arborist 

Now you have a better idea of whether or not your tree meets the requirements necessary to have it removed without a permit. 

Do you want to talk to a certified arborist and get professional tree services? Contact us to get a free estimate. 

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